Blog 18 : Weekend Introspection on self.

While we all are so busy, we generally miss introspecting self and our goals in detail. We have that habit of working hard but not appreciating what we have already achieved. I personally feel, it is good to be aspirational and ambitious, but at the same time , it is important to stop by andContinue reading “Blog 18 : Weekend Introspection on self.”

Blog 17 : 4 BIG lessons from dot-com crash :

Majority of the entrepreneurs have learned four big lessons from the dot-com crash that are still relevant in business thinking today : Make incremental advances : Grand visions inflated the bubble , so they should not be indulged. Anyone who claims to be able to do something great is suspect, and anyone who wants toContinue reading “Blog 17 : 4 BIG lessons from dot-com crash :”