Unfortunately, most people struggle with giving feedback. Sometimes we don’t feel like we have anything useful to say (or) if we do have a critical thought, we stay silent because we worry about other’s feelings. When something isn’t broken, we accept that it is good enough, so why say more ? And when we do give feedback, we put ourselves at risk because it can be perceived as “too vague to be helpful”. For a leader, giving feedback both when things are going well and when they aren’t is one of the most fundamental aspects of the job role. Mastering this skill means that you can knock down two of the biggest barriers preventing your reports from doing great work – unclear expectations and inadequate skills – so that they know exactly where to aim and how to hit the target.

What does great feedback look like ?

Think of the best feedback you’ve ever received. Why was it so meaningful to you ? I bet that the reason you remember it is because the feedback inspired you to change your behaviour, which resulted in your life getting better.

Few common ways to inspire a change in behaviour :

  • Set clear expectations at the beginning
  • Give task specific feedback as frequently as you can
  • Share behavioral feedback thoughtfully & regularly
  • Collect 360- degree feedback for maximum objectivity

I would insist you to give a deep thought if you are giving feedback in appropriate way – it could be to your peer, to your team member, to your boss, to your friend or a family member. Following right process is very important at each level. You can either make a person better or demotivate him/her a lot through your way. We all need to work together in a way with an intent to grow each other, encourage each other. Life has been really tough for many especially during this fight of Covid 19, let us collaborate more, encourage more, work more to get back to normalcy.

Wish you all a great weekend.

2030 and Upwards ! The Future is ours.

By 2030, half of the world’s elderly & middle class people will live in Asia. Therefore this region will be a major consideration when forming new consumption patterns. The 2030 Asia scenario shows a clean & convenient human -machine collaborative society that uses green & renewable materials. From multiple reports, it was found that 2030 Asian top 10 technologies focus little on green technology & biotechnology but have demands regarding a clean environment & changes needed as its society is aging. These gaps between technology & development and local demands might be good business opportunities for global and Asian research institutes & companies.

Top 10 Technologies in Asia

  1. Artificial Intelligence : AI will continue to improve its self learning capabilities, to learn the learning process itself & be able to function as well as humans with little data or experience. Asian countries have placed AI first in their ranking, however Asia G1 [ China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan ] will dominate AI R&D & Asia G2 [ Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, India ] do not believe that they have capability to commercialize AI by 2030.

2. 6G Mobile Network : By 2030, our society will be data driven. This will be enabled by near-instant & unlimited wireless connectivity. The 6G network will offer high speed internet access through wireless and mobile devices upto atleast 11 GB/s , surpassing the 5G network. G1 and G2 countries have given 6G a high score in both impact and penetration rate..

3. Blockchain : Blockchain is still limited by its ability to scale. Quantum computing will enhance the scalability of blockchain deployment in industry. The main blockchain application markets includes finance, logistics, retailing & e-commerce sectors. It is more popular in G2 than G1.

4. Autonomous vehicles : Reaching autonomous driving levels 4-5 by 2030, the vehicle will combine 360-degree vision with a decision making intelligent algorithm that can make the best driving behaviour decision under various driving conditions. Robo-Taxis may be the main method of transportation.

5. Industrial Robots : In the future, the consumer demand will be customized and personalized. Industrial robots will integrate machine vision, improve their capabilities and be suitable for the more efficient manufacturing or products made in small quantities.

6. Service Robots : Service robots will have the ability to move around, make decision in complex situations and communicate with each other by 2030. G1 countries have been dominant in the development of various types of service robots.

7. New Energy Vehicles [NEV’s]: NEVs refer to those vehicles with newer type power systems, completely or mainly driven by new energy sources. NEVs are expected to play a key role in urban areas to provide mobility as a service by 2030. Japan and China are currently top 2 NEV markets. In fact 60% of hybrid vehicles are made by Japanese companies.

8.Renewable & biodegradable plastics material : By 2030, plastic materials will be made from 100% recycled or renewable products. G2 countries have given a higher score to idea of investing in renewable and biodegradable plastic materials than G1 because G2 countries have more biomass resources to fulfill the development of bioplastics.

9. Solid state batteries : Solid state batteries have attracted a great deal attention due to their high safety rating and increased energy density. These batteries may not have the opportunity to maximise the driving range of electric vehicles and improve the safety of mobile devices.. It is expected that SS batteries will have entered the stage of commercialization by 2030.

10. Nanomaterials : The development of nanotechnology has been gradually applied to various industries such as energy, medical & biotechnology. In the future, mass production and cost reduction are the main development challenges of nanomaterials. G1 countries have reached the mass production stage but G2 countries are at an early stage in this segment.

Hope the world make use of these technologies for the betterment of environment and living. Thank you for reading my blog, please do leave your valuable comments. Would love to hear ! Which technology do you think or bet for in the coming times ๐Ÿ™‚

Blog 13 : The Game of Business.

Organisations tend to be shaped like a pyramid, with a CEO [ or chairperson ] at the top, middle management in the middle & junior staff at the bottom. When you are at the bottom of the pyramid as junior staff, the game is simple : essentially you have to prove that you know your stuff & can get your job done. If you win at this level, then you start progressing up the levels of the pyramid. It is when you reach middle management that the game begins to shift; it becomes less about proving your worth [ you have already done that ], the focus is now on proving that you can have the other people in your team win as well. Very often, the most difficult element of this transition point is for a new manager to “let go” of their old duties, which they were very good at, and begin delegating & developing others. If you win at this level, then the next level is about being able to forge powerful relationships with people outside your team – your peers & stakeholders [ inside and outside the company ] & produce excellent results with and through them.

The apex of the game is most obviously at the top of the pyramid. A CEO is not assessed on their ability to produce their own results. However good the CEO is at their own functional job, there is only one of them & they have hundreds sometimes thousands, of people who report directly or indirectly to them. Similarly they have a myriad of relationship networks with which they need to work effectively. To be a great CEO, you need to be great at having people win, producing results with and through others, as well as forging powerful peer-peer relationships.

The game moves substantially between junior, middle level & CEO level. This sounds obvious, yet so many people whom we work with totally miss the shift when it comes to their own career. Take a moment to consider your own career & think about whether it has plateaued anywhere or whether you are experiencing frustration in any area. If that is the case, perhaps you are using the strategy that was effective at previous level, but is now holding you back at your current level.

It is not only the corporate game that moves. The game of life also moves & once again main people fail to see it because it is always easier to see something in theory than when you are thick of it. The game of life as youngster is very different from that of a teenager, which is also very different from that of a single adult. The games moves again if you get married, if you have children, if children leave home, if you retire etc.

Frequently, we find that people love one particular level in the game & try to cling on it for as long as possible. This generally results in the increasing desperation, frustration & resentment. An example here is a 40 year old who constantly harks on about their student days & attempts to party as long, hard & often as they used to in order to prove that they still “got it”.

The game of life moves in a similar way of to the game of business : as you progress, having other people win becomes more and more important. In business life, once you have proven your ability, the game moves towards having your direct reports win, and it just gets bigger from there. Similarly the game of life quickly moves from focusing on yourself to focusing on your partner, your children, your parents, your grandchildren. Both the game of business and game of life ultimately move towards becoming game of leadership & enrollment, having other people grow, develop and win.

If you can successfully navigate these moving games and focus on having other people win, then they are far more likely to choose to follow you. Consider for a moment if your life has plateaued anywhere, and if it has, then why ? What level are you at , and based on your results, is your strategy still effective ?

Do let me know your views as well ๐Ÿ™‚ Like always, thank you for sparing little time and reading my blog.

Blog 12 – The Fear of Failure

Inside our comfort zone exist all the results, that we already have & the results that we could achieve, if we chose to without taking a risk. There are , however other results that we say we want that exist outside our comfort zone. These are the results which we need to take a risk to achieve. The first thing to notice is that results never miraculously show up inside our comfort zone of their own accord – we need to make them happen, and we make them happen by taking a risk. Let’s say the goal you wish to achieve is to spend more time with your family during the week, however in order to achieve that, you need to take the risk of beginning to delegate. No one is going to give you that result, you need to make it happen. What we generally tell ourselves is “I cannot do it because it will not work & I do not want to fail.” By not taking risk, we are actually guaranteeing the failure ! When we don’t take a risk, we tend to stay in our comfort zone & that is the one place where the new result will never show up ! So, if you really did have a fear of failure, then you are that person who are ought to be taking risk. It’s not that if you fail, then you are a failure. If it were true, then Steve Jobs would be a failure because he got fired from Apple, Roger Federer would be a failure because he has lost in 10 Grand Slam Finals, Thomas Edison would be a failure because it took 1000 times before he invented Light Bulb.

The truth is that successful people fail way more often than unsuccessful people.

So, we are not really afraid of failure.. Instead, we at times are afraid of being judged as a failure by others. We are more interested in protecting our image than creating the results. Humans are always judged just as much for playing safe as much while taking risk. The only difference is that taking a risk carries with it the possibility of creating a new result in our life, whereas playing safe will keep us stuck with current results.

If you have ever taken part in ropes course or climbed a high ladder, you will have experienced the same phenomenon. While you are climbing up & focusing on the end goal, you are exhilarated, but when you stop climbing & look down to see how far you have come, the fear kicks in & you cling on for dear life. The longer you stay stuck, the bigger the fear gets. The only way around this is to keep moving ๐Ÿ™‚

Wish you best in life always !

Blog 11 – Impact of Digital Age on our Lives !

The Digital Age, enabled by the convergence of innovations in computing, telecommunication, and networking technologies, has the following major characteristics:

  • All data is, or easily can be, digitized.
  • Devices that capture, process, and store digital data are simultaneously cheaper, smaller, faster, and more powerful.
  • Applications that automate tasks, processes, analytics, and decisions on digital devices are smarter, faster, cheaper and easier to use.
  • The global communication network that connects people, devices, and other things with global data storage and analysis capability is fast, inexpensive, and has seemingly infinite bandwidth.

We can summarize the impact of the Digital Age on our work and personal lives in three outcomes:

  1. Continuous change in customers’ needs, priorities, and preferences.
  2. Global markets, customers, and competition: The pace of communication and the ability to analyze and share information globally across customers, organizations, and geographies means that new customer needs, new technologies, new products and services, and new competitors can appear at anytime from anywhere in the world.
  3. Ubiquitous innovation: In the Digital Age innovation is no longer just the responsibility of a few people in R&D or product development. Ubiquitous means that innovation is pervasive and expected to come from anywhere as people from multiple functions, organizations, markets, and geographies collaborate and co-create new processes, products, and services.

Five of the top 10 companies in the world, ranked by market capitalization — Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet (parent of Google), Amazon, and Facebook โ€“ have harnessed Digital Age innovations to produce enormous value for their stakeholders. Each has disrupted their business sector and dominated it, at least for now.

Research conducted by Westerman, Bonnet, and McAffee provides a clear answer to this question. They studied how 184 organizations from multiple industries are responding to the opportunities and challenges of the Digital Age innovations. They analyzed the organizations in 2 dimensions:

  1. Digital Capability: How much time and resources each of the 184 organizations is investing in developing new digital capability (selecting, implementing and using new digital tools).
  2. Leadership Capability: How much time and resources each organization is investing in understanding the leadership capability needed to lead in a Digital Age organization.

Using these two dimensions, they grouped the organizations into four groups as shown in below diagram. It is important to note that all the 184 companies studied use digital technologies. What makes the difference between the four groups is how each type of organization selects and implements their digital tools, and how effectively they use them to achieve their business goals.

Figure 1 - this 2X2 has digital capability on the Y axis and leadership capability on the x axis. The Beginner is in the bottom left at -24%, the Fashionista is in the top left at -11%, the Conservative is in the bottom left at +9% and the Digital Master is in the top right at +26%

Beginners: For Beginners, digital tools are managed by the IT department with little interaction with business strategy leaders. Digital tools including email, the  internet, automated processes, web conferencing, data analysis and storage, and smartphones were used primarily to run their current business model more efficiently. Beginners have traditional leadership development programs but have not seriously considered what new leadership capabilities they need for success in the Digital Age.

Fashionistas are excited about new digital technologies and tools, and proudly announce their investments in the “latest and greatest” technologies. However, because they have not developed a digital strategy integrated with their business strategy, leadership capability or a digital governance model, they waste much of what they spend. They tend to invest at the business unit or functional level often selecting several versions of the same digital tools or platforms that duplicate each other with no coordinated approach to customer engagement. This practice presents a significant barrier to cross-organizational customer engagement, collaboration, and gaining customer insights.   

Conservatives are the opposite of Fashionistas. They have developed new leadership capability and have integrated their digital strategy with their business strategy. They work to ensure the coordination of digital investments across the organization. They have a robust digital governance model, and they do not waste precious time effort and money with duplicate or poorly conceived digital investments. However, by taking a conservative approach, their decision making is often slow and risk-averse. Consequently, they often miss opportunities to be the first to introduce a disruptive technology or business model and typically do not make the progress they had planned.  

Digital Masters first developed a new leadership capability which they then used to create and implement their digital strategy successfully. Because their digital strategy is an integral part of their business strategy, they invest in the Digital Age tools that will help them implement their business strategy. They also use digital tools effectively to experiment with new business models to engage their customers and other stakeholders more effectively for creating mutual value.

Once they categorized the 184 organizations selected for their research into one of the four categories, the researchers then compared the profit of the organizations in each category with the average profit of the firms larger than $500 million in annual revenue in their industry sector.

Study Results: Digital Masters significantly outperformed the other three groups

The difference in the financial performance of these four groups is remarkable and gives a clear answer to question โ€œIf Digital Age Processes and Tools are inexpensive, pervasive and available to nearly everyone globally, why are only a few organizations outperforming others in their sector?โ€

Insights from the study/research :

  1. Digital Masters significantly outperform the other three groups because they first develop the Leadership Capability needed to integrate their digital strategy with their business strategy. Then they select and implement digital tools solely to carry out clear business strategy goals. In August 2018, Digital Master Apple became the first publicly traded company to be valued at $1 trillion; and Amazon reached that milestone just one month later in September. The first two organizations to achieve $1 trillion in market capitalization were both Digital Masters!
  2. Starting with the right Leadership Capability produces better results than trying to build Digital Capability based solely on the โ€œlatest and greatestโ€ digital tools available.
    •  The Conservatives who have developed robust Leadership Capabilities, even though they are lagging the Digital Masters because of their slower decision making, are still outperforming the Fashionistas by a whopping 20%.
    • The Fashionistas who have invested aggressively in the latest and greatest Digital Capability without the benefit of new leadership capability still significantly outperform the Beginners, but underperform the Digital Masters by 37%.
    • The only two groups that outperform the average profit of their sectors are the Digital Masters and the Conservatives who build Digital Age leadership capability before investing in building Digital Capability.
  3. If your organization is a Beginner, taking immediate action to build new leadership capability needed to develop a world-class Digital Capability is essential. If the Beginners donโ€™t change, their days are numbered.

The research results also help to dispel two common misconceptions about Digital Age disruption. The first misconception is that the continuous introduction of new and innovative Digital Age tools is the sole driver of Digital Age disruption. As this research illustrates, the development of Digital Capability using digital tools is only one part of what is driving Digital Age disruption. Development of Digital Age Leadership Capability is an essential pre-requisite to select the right digital tools, and then to integrate and implement them as part of the business strategy for the highest impact Digital Capability.

The second misconception is that successful Digital Age disruption is achieved only by organizations who design and make digital tools. Nike, Amazon, and Burberry, have each disrupted their “non-tech” sectors and now lead their competitors. Although Amazon is now considered to be part of the technology sector because of its cloud services business, their initial disruption was in the retail sector. Any organization, in any sector, can harness the power of the Digital Age to innovate and disrupt their sector and generate new value for its stakeholders if they first focus on building the essential Leadership Capability needed to create a winning business strategy supported by effective Digital Capability.

In which category does your organisation fall into & why ? Do retrospect & let know your views in the comments below. Would be happy to learn from you & your thought process.

Blog 10 – 2020 : New Year Resolutions !

As we are at the glimpse of another fresh year beginning, it is quite important for us to reflect the past 12 months with gratitude & ofcourse consider improving self as we welcome 2020. First of all, I am really grateful to each one of you who have been with me for past 12 months & have helped me professionally & as well personally. As I try to reflect back , I feel blessed to have good health, continue to be surrounded with some excellent mentors, to work in a new region which gave me an opportunity to challenge myself. I also got married in 2018 Dec, so basically 2019 was my first year with my wife: Monal , would admit it have been a very good ride so far. I might have to agree that post marriage, the level of compromise one does is little more towards the lady.I have become more empathetic when I started realizing the small things which she had to let go : Personally , if I have to give my example, my wife is Interior designer by profession , whereas I am in IT . She was inclined to her profession for last 8 years but post wedding, she had to leave India and settle in Taiwan as that was the condition between us before we got married ๐Ÿ™‚ Challenges continued here & due to language barriers, she had to drop the profession for a while, I am sure she will pick it up back at the right time though. But the choice was made by her conscious willingness towards the place & ofcourse the man. We were also giving it a genuine thought as to what little things we can work on to make 2020 more fruitful. Here are some resolutions which we are planning to pick.

Resolution #1 To give more time to each other: In this busy world, I realized the profession is taking away majority of the time, so need to work a bit more hard this year to check how can I balance both ends. So we might have to come up with a strict home calendar as well going forward , apart from the work. It is good to be occupied and be ambitious but at the same time, we should not forget that there can be lot more little things to cherish apart from work. Hence, my resolution number 1 would be to try and give bit more time considerably at home.

Resolution #2 To be more health conscious : Monal has been very strict at this end. I am yet to catch up. She is very conscious and maintains a good health , follow religiously selected diet and also works hard towards fitness. This is one thing, which I need to learn from her and take it up in 2020 .

Resolution #3 To travel : We made a conscious decision together to explore more places. 2019 was a good year for us. We did get to see Shanghai, Cambodia, Maldives & few cities inside Taiwan. I think travel definitely have lot of offer on the table in terms of culture and food. So we shall try to explore atleast few more places in 2020 . Again, I have learnt this from her as she was more into travelling, I was less inclined here but good to spend time together & we also get to see new places, meet different people & learn a lot on culture front.

Resolution #4 To read 5 books : I am not a good reader. Hence, I need to catch up on this. I am not taking very ambitious goal on this intentionally because I know, I need to work hard on this and hence, I am planning to start with a small goal of 5 books in 2020. Hopefully, this will be useful because everything is changing at such fast pace that : learning has to be a continuous process. Please do recommend the best 5 books that can help me.

Resolution #5 To write more : Recently I have realized, that I love expressing & writing. I had written 8 blogs so far, I started this hobby in 2019 where I try to share my genuine experience of Life , so in 2020 – I shall make it a point to write more.

Though there are many other things planned, but I would personally love to work on the above 5 resolutions on priority. On this note, I would like to wish each one of you a very Happy Christmas and Happy 2020 ! I hope the coming days will bring good health, prosperity, wealth and spread love & peace.

Would surely love to hear, your resolutions of 2020, do feel free to write back in the comments section. Let’s be in touch & thanks for reading the blog.

Blog 9- The Trip to Cambodia & Untold stories !

It was our first wedding anniversary, hence we decided to make it special & chose to explore Cambodia, although there are two major cities in Cambodia i.e. Siem Riep & Phnom Penh, we picked the capital city Phnom Penh for a short trip . I shall try my best to put forward my experience & best practices that may help you while you decide to travel this side of the World ! We stayed in FrangiPani Royal Palace Hotel in the centre of city. A good place to pick. Reasonable in price and very good hospitality. It has swimming pool, Spa and Bar in-house.

The History : Cambodia is an ancient civilization in the Indo -China Peninsula. It has a history of more than 2000 Years. The most powerful Khmer empire has risen here and created the prosperity of Angkor. Cambodia maintains friendly relations with most of the countries.

The Religion : National religion of Cambodia is Buddhism ( around 95%).

The Geography : Cambodia’s Tonle Sap Lake is largest freshwater lake in Southeast asia. The Mekong river which originates from Lancang river in China has largest amount of water resources flowing through river in Cambodia. Total Population is approx. 16 Million ( standing 72nd in the World )

The Climate : The climate here is typical tropical monsoon. Rainy season is from June to October. Average temperature is 28 degree celsius. Nov to May is dry season with average temperature 32 degrees.

The Transportation : Tuk -Tuk and Motorbike are still the most common ways of transportation here. The rates are reasonable. The Tuk-Tuk costs you around Riel(khr) 4000/Km ( FYI : 4000 Riel is 1USD ) : Basically in approx 1 usd you can travel roughly 1.5- 2.5 Kms. I would personally recommend you to download PASSAPP ( similar to Uber). The charge is cheaper if you use the App and it is authentic. I have used the same App for my 2 days trip and it was very useful as I had travelled a lot in the city. You can use this App for cabs, Tuk-Tuk and Auto ( all 3 modes ) .

The Currency : Cambodia is a dual-currency basically based on the US Dollar and Cambodian currency (Riel). In majority of the places both USD & Riel are well-accepted. 1USD = 4000 Riels. All restaurants, transportation, local shops accepts both USD and Riel. Few stores also accepts AliPay.

The Culture : Cambodia is a country with a friendly custom. The clothing is still a bit conservative, it is recommended to wear long sleeved trousers to go out & touching head is not allowed from culture stand point. The official language is Khmer. The language should not be a problem as English is spoken by majority.

The Market Life : There are 3 major markets that you do not want to miss when you are in the capital city Phnom Penh.

a) Phnom Penh Market b) The Central Market & c) The Russian Market

We had visited all the 3 and there are some real good local shopping stuff available in all of them. My personal experience was “The central market” is cheaper than rest of the two. Russian Market being placed at the upper end. Some of the good things to buy are Souvenirs, Handicrafts, Jewellery, Clothing, Silks, Woodcarving, Painting etc. We did pick few of them in our trip. They also have Live Music being played in the Market.

The Royal Palace : A must visit place if you are in the capital city. The entry fee per person $10 usd. The Royal Palace has the hall for coronation ceremony & a place for Cambodian Monarchs. Do come early as it is a good spot for Photography. The Night view of the Palace is also beautiful.

Independence Monument : The mastic “Si-Hanouk” statue is located here, You can walk along the trails & play few games here. The cambodian style fountain is a delight to behold.

The Rosewood : Rosewood hotel is highest landmark in Phnom Penh, only place from where you can see panaromic view of Phnom Penh. The view from the upstairs is quite fascinating.

Choeung Ek Genocidal centre : This is the place for commemorating the victims of The Khmer Rouge in late 1970s. It will give you a deeper understanding of Cambodian History. It has an entry of around $6 /Person.

National Museum : Here, you can see the pottery & bronzes of former Angkor era. If you are a lover of historical relics, it might even take you one full day to complete the tour. The design is typical traditional Khmer architecture style which is very beautiful.

The Boat Temple : A temple in the shape of boat, the history speaks that the place where this temple is built was once drowned , hence the King of Cambodia has developed the temple once back to normalcy and today this is one of the finest tourist spots.

Though there are many more temples & many more places to explore in Phnom Penh. Let me caution you here. This place is for you if really love to explore the culture, the architecture, the temples, the Palace and good food. If you are a beach lover then you should explore the other side of Cambodia. It might require atleast 6-7 days to explore all cities in Cambodia but capital city will surely leave an impact on the culture side.

Some useful tips / recommendations to conclude the blog :

Download PassApp for Transportation

Keep USD as currency cash & some local Riels

We stayed in FrangiPani Royal Palace Hotel – feedback : very good. (centre of city)

Plan atleast 2 days in Phnom Penh and sure 2 days in Siem Riep (Angkor Wat ) : this is largest religious monument/temple in the world.

You can also use GRAB App

Money exchange please do at Airport, inside city they charge a lot

Lot of bargaining is practiced in Markets for shopping.

The Jewellery & Silk scarf are highly recommended from Central Market

Lot of Indian restaurants are there near River side. ( lot of clubs / pubs as well ). Night Life is good.

Angkor Beer is famous. You can try that as well.

Phnom Penh Night maket opens at 5 pm and closes at 10 pm

Shopping Market opens at 6 am and closes to 5 pm.

Restaurants gets closed by 11 pm.

Lot of reputed Spa Resorts available as well.

The view from our Hotel.

This is just my personal experience , hope you enjoyed reading the blog. Would recommend a visit to Cambodia. Worth a trip ! Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in this world ! Keep Travelling, keep exploring. Enjoy the little things and be grateful always !

Thank you for reading my blog.

Blog 8 – #LovetobeTechM

As I walked into the campus of Tech M Hyderabad in 2011 – my first observation was the Infrastructure of the campus. Any person walking in the campus, would be in Love with the environment . It’s truly a delight to spend daily 10 hours in a campus which is Lively. In this blog, I will try to present my opinion of the organisation & why I personally was driven to work & be part of Tech M family close to 9 years as I write this blog. Well, everyone have their own reasons, but I will try my best to justify my reasons with my genuine experience in the organisation so far.

#Reason 1(LovetobeTechM)An opportunity to Fresher : My initial days in training when I was fresher 9 years back, had given my the first corporate experience, some really great friends & fantastic memories to cherish. Not every organisation is open to recruit freshers, hence personally I value this org. for giving me the break in the IT Industry, for investing on my training, for considering me as part of the family. I shall & will always be undoubtedly grateful. My Grand ma used to always say, do value every thing that comes first in your life , because they are putting down their trust without having an experience & judgement on you. Tech M was the first for me when it comes to IT Corporate Culture.

#Reason 2 (LovetobeTechM) The First Boss/Mentor : The immediate Boss after the training. I chose to pick the Operations Role as my first on the job .As Jack Ma, says : Do not focus on the org. to a lot extent but focus on the Boss in your initial days. It is important to have a good mentor, a good Boss, a good guide to show you direction & the path. I was lucky enough to work with a very experienced Boss, very down-to-earth man, who not only made a point to guide me but also encouraged me a lot. Hence, I will be always grateful for having Mr. Ramaprasad BS (Op’s Integrator) as my first mentor/guide in the org & Mr. A.S Murthy who have really taught me how to be grounded always. I feel lucky to be mentored by them.

#Reason 3(LovetobeTechM) : The people , The culture & The Josh. Loved the fact that Tech M as an org. have an entity known as “Josh” which is a group of some real exciting volunteers who with their full passion just try to add value to org. from culture & fun stand point . Josh have taught me some wonderful leadership lessons. Josh has given me an opportunity to lead Globally for 2 years.

It was a very interesting chapter for me. It taught me how to lead a team, it taught me to be empathetic, it taught me to really think out of the box, it taught me to see life beyond 9-6, it gave me an opportunity to connect with leaders across the organisation. It was a big reason for networking. The best part : this was all voluntarily and not tagged with KRA, hence it came out directly from heart. It also gave us an opportunity to meet with legends like Dr. Palash Sen & the well know Badminton specialist Mr. Respected Pullela Gopichand.

#Reason 4(LovetobeTechM) : The programs like AIM – Achievers in the Making program that gives an opportunity to all youngsters like me to get into front ending & more challenging roles. Again I am very grateful towards this program because I realize the fact that how difficult it is for an associate who is part of 120 000 group to get into front ending & challenging opportunities. AIM have acted as a platform for me to shine & take next step in career. They are again betting on youngsters who do not have first hand experience in Sales, we just need to be humble here as we are getting the break.

#Reason 5(LovetobeTechM) : The leadership program like Shadow Board. I have been part of Shadow Board for last 2+ years now. This program allows you to be right up there in game changing initiatives in the org. I was privileged to be part of this program that allows you to work directly with CXO’s and be right there in some important initiatives. We all from different countries, unfortunately realized we do not have a picture together.

#Reason 6(LovetobeTechM) : The prestigious program like #1000Leaders which gives an opportunity to reskill & also connect with various leaders in the org. This gave us a platform to connect with multiple young & experienced leaders apart from regular business units. This forum gave me the first chance to connect with our CEO as well.

The journey so far with Tech M have been exciting & I look forward for some interesting days ahead. To conclude, we all aspire for great & we definitely should but at the same time, it is important to appreciate & be grateful towards the organisation & the people who have been with us in our Life journey.

Would also love to hear your experience with your respective organisation. Would love to learn from each other. Feel free to write & keep sharing the experience.

Wish you all the best in Life always, When we see a bunch enjoying together, it all boils down & appears worth it. Keep it high !

Blog 7 – Compromise vs Career

And you are selected – This was supposedly to bring happiness in each one of us . It is always good to get what we desire. During my initial education in school , I have been very active in Debates / Elocution & Sports. I have been playing Ping Pong (Table Tennis) very actively. I still remember, I started playing this game from Std 4th. I was lucky to be admitted by my parents in a very good school in Hyd that encourages overall Personality Development. I chose to pick Ping Pong. This game not only helped me spend my time positively, but also helped me improve my concentration a lot ( for the one’s who do not know – Ping-Pong is supposedly known to be the fastest game ). This game made me more disciplined as well. It helped me make more friends & connect with many others in school. I continued the game till 12th Std. (Intermediate). It was a good balance of life by then though studies slowly took the upper hand but by someway or the other I used to keep in touch with the game. In 2004, I joined Engineering, it was the trend ofcourse then ๐Ÿ™‚ so I am an Engineer by chance. Completed by B-Tech in ECE but then I picked up another hobby -Paper Presentation : Realized this helped me a lot in improving my speaking/communication skills. This had given me more confidence as a speaker . It taught me basics of Sales – As I always used to try selling my idea to judges. Did fairly well with studies & extra -activities. Moved forward in Life, now by Choice picked MBA as my next shot. Thank God, I was still playing Ping -Pong and even managed to be in College Team. Realized that fairly well in my complete Education, I was still attached to something apart from just studies.

Then came the sentence -“And you are selected” : I had to leave India, moved to Africa , for a year- my entry in Corporate Life: I was working in Airlines Industry for a time period of a year as BDM. Ping- Pong went for a toss . I was pumped up & excited to be at the job now. I chose to move back after a year to India & then joined MNC in India – been part of this org. for close to 9 years now (On & Off for Sports but still intact ). Thank you for very good Infrastructure. As I started moving forward in the career, I had to again leave India & now I picked Taiwan as my next destination. Have spent around 3 years now in Taiwan. Here are few questions, I ask myself even today.

1) Is Career more important or staying with the Family ? 2) Is celebrating festivals at home makes more sense or exploring new places? 3) Is money more important or being with parents as they age with time ? 4) Is attending friends wedding more important or your own dreams ? 5) Is having dinner together with family more important or having Skype calls ? 6) Is one extra bedroom all worth it ?

I know the answer to the most would be to lead a balanced life . I am still figuring out the answers for self. Would love to hear your thoughts on the above questions. If you were me, what would you chose – Compromise or Career ? By the way, the good news is that I am back in form & back to sports -Ping -Pong in Taiwan is back in action ! I spend every Saturday 2 hours now with this game ๐Ÿ™‚

Do share your views & I wish you all the best in Life. Thank you for dropping in & reading the blog. Appreciate a lot.

Blog 6 – The Magical E^3

Empowerment, Empathy & Encouragement !

In any corporate world, one thing which is common is we all need to interact with multiple people from multiple levels. Few can be our level, few can be junior to us & few can very senior & more experienced than us. Interestingly, in my 10 years of experience in corporate world, I was blessed to work with very matured & amazing leaders & friends. We, all exchange our conversations quite often as friends, co-workers & colleagues.

Few observations :

: a) few of them had faced difficulty to say NO to some work to their respective managers b) few of them had been very open with their respective managers c) few even had difficulty to ask leave d) few were restricted to speak of the voluntarily work which they are doing apart from their regular business.

These questions / behaviour provoked a very important question in my mind – “Why is it that rules of org. being same to all, there is a gap or If I may say so, change in behaviour of conversation / restricted conversation for few, open conversation for others ? I started interviewing multiple people on this topic ( both who were restricted in their conversations & also who were open in their conversations ). I came to a conclusion the power of 3E post the interviews which is also the title of my topic today.

Empowerment : Many millennial agreed on the part that, in assignments / project work where they were given complete authority & empowerment , the results for such projects were far better than the projects which were dependent on multiple approvals. In couple of the projects, they did mistakes but they learnt their hard way. More importantly, because the full empowerment was given to them, the speed made all the difference in the execution of the projects. Hence, 80% of them agreed with the fact that Empowerment will not only help them in faster execution but it also imbibes a sense of responsibility / ownership in them.

Empathy : In the interview process, I also realized that the one’s who were restricted are because of the manager/ leader not being very empathetic or easy to approach. They were always worried about the consequences, what if I ask the leave ? what if I say No to this project ? what if I go early this week ? etc.etc. Bringing to a conclusion that if you are not friendly with your team, it will be difficult to understand the team. Very important to be very empathetic in nature.

Encouragement : This part can be more related with the one’s who are in Sales. We all cherish & celebrate when we win any deal. The real judgement is how we behave when we lose a critical deal. It happened to me recently , while I lost a deal, but my boss was quite supportive & have always been encouraging . If the mentor or a leader who is guiding you do not motivate you or do not encourage you, it can be a tricky phase for you as at time, self -motivation also needs a true guidance & direction. I am still in the phase of learning, but I feel encouragement can keep all motivated all the time !

As we all climb the ladder of success, let us all ensure we help others as well climb the ladder along with us ! Especially the one’s who look forward for your support & mentorship !

Wishing all the very best in your endeavors ! Feel free to comment your views. Do you agree with my 3E philosophy ? Would be happy to read your views on this.