Blog 19 : The Covid learning | Appreciating small yet important things in Life.

The past few months have been extremely tough for all of us. The deadly pandemic has unfortunately left us with pain , but at the same time it has taught many lessons to all of us. I wish and hope all of us get vaccinated soon before it is too late. I believe in this current situation only vaccination is a go to solution. Having said the same, this time have also taught us some very important lessons. I have personally learnt few of them which I am trying to present below.

  1. Being grateful : Many families have undergone pain/loss to a level which we can’t even imagine, if you have parents around you, your friends still around you, you love beings still around you & you are in good health then – BE GRATEFUL. It is important to thank and respect that we are still up fighting there with pandemic. I am personally much grateful of this fact that I am doing good in health and my parents are keeping well.

2. Power of coming together for a greater cause : We always read in books the power of unity, but I think this time we have seen it in real. It was never about religion/caste etc. when we were together as one team against the pandemic , we were able to make a difference. We never went into details like who needs the O2, which hospital, which caste, which colour…we all worked as one team with only one intent to save life. It is important to note the power of being together.

3. The Resilience Factor : We were quick to adapt to new normal, wearing a mask, avoiding large gathering, working virtually, schools moving online. WFH being new normal. Some of the things that changed our life rapidly, but how we reacted to it defined us. Being resilient at all levels , at all times is one of the lessons I took away.

4. On sacrifice : The front line workers, our doctors/nurses were dealing with lot. It was nothing but a war in front of them. Many doctors lost their lives in this battle. We need to absolutely respect the sacrifice by them. I believe we will be indefinitely bounded to their sacrifice. If they were not dealing from front, the situation could have been more worse than we have ever imagined.

5. On small little things : We often take granted the people around us, we never realise what they have been going through all over. With few, we deal only for professional work, we never ask how it has been for them. Small things like having a coffee ( with your partner )/ parents/ friends…having a deep conversation with your loved one’s , respecting the time of each other, being thankful to each other….many little things generally are taken for granted. Have learnt to be more calm, more poised, more respectful, more grateful and started listening more than talking.

I sincerely hope I live the rest of my life keeping in mind the lessons I learnt from this global experience and never take life for granted again. I also pray for your good health, happiness and more important peace.

Have a good weekend & thank you once again for reading my blog. If you ever want to have a conversation, feel free to reach out. I am socially active on LinkedIn. Most likely I will respond to your messages.

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An IT professional by chance, an aspiring Entrepreneur by choice . Currently based in Taiwan !

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