Blog 18 : Weekend Introspection on self.

While we all are so busy, we generally miss introspecting self and our goals in detail. We have that habit of working hard but not appreciating what we have already achieved. I personally feel, it is good to be aspirational and ambitious, but at the same time , it is important to stop by and celebrate small success. I was recently reading a book Kaizen -the Japanese method for transforming habits. I would recommend all to give a read. I am taking some lessons from the initial reading I had so far. The emphasis in Kaizen is always on doing small things in small stages & treating the idea of change as an ongoing process rather than a quick fix “to-do-list”. This method will help us how to integrate our existing habits, think about long term goals, and then formulate a plan to start gradually making small improvements towards the goals defined. In the process, we will overhaul our mindset and attitude towards change. The most important thing remains to stay motivated.

Let us start by taking an inventory of our life as it is at the very moment. The idea is to make a honest assessment of our habits and immediate environment to eventually form a life plan of goals and challenges. Let us not compare and just do our self assessment on piece of paper and keep it with us to improve it gradually on continuous basis.

  1. Health : What is our relationship with our body, mental health, diet, exercise & routine, sleep patterns ? Which areas are we happy/satisfied and which areas we need improvement ?

2. Working Life/Career : Are we happy with our current job?/business? Are we looking for a change ? Do we feel fulfilled in our working life ? How do we get on with our colleagues ? Key thing here to address might be Work-Life-Balance score. Do we maximize/optimize our time effectively ?

3. Money : Let us do an honest assessment of our attitude towards financials/money. Do we have debt that we wish to clear ? Is there something that we need to address upon ? Do we carry emotional attitude to spending or are we fully in control ?

4. Home : How do we feel about immediate environment and the people around us ? Are we happy or are there things around us that needs a change ?

5. Relationships : How do we feel about our partner, friends, family ?Which relationships genuinely boost you ? Are there any relationships that drain you ? How to address them ?

6. New Challenges : What new challenges are we setting for ourselves ? Have we always wanted to learn a new language/instrument/pick up a hobby ? Did we do that ?

There is lot that we can self introspect. But let us also take it easy and take 1 or 2 areas that we can improve initially and then address the rest gradually. The point I am trying to make is how often do we self introspect ? Is there a mechanism to keep this a continuous & on-going process . Let us give it a thought πŸ™‚ and keep improving. Would love to hear the process you follow to keep a check on self-introspection.

On this note, wishing you a Happy Weekend.

Thank you for dropping by and reading my blog. I appreciate it completely.

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An IT professional by chance, an aspiring Entrepreneur by choice . Currently based in Taiwan !

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