Blog 14 : 2030 and Upwards ! The Future is ours.

By 2030, half of the world’s elderly & middle class people will live in Asia. Therefore this region will be a major consideration when forming new consumption patterns. The 2030 Asia scenario shows a clean & convenient human -machine collaborative society that uses green & renewable materials. From multiple reports, it was found that 2030 Asian top 10 technologies focus little on green technology & biotechnology but have demands regarding a clean environment & changes needed as its society is aging. These gaps between technology & development and local demands might be good business opportunities for global and Asian research institutes & companies.

Top 10 Technologies in Asia

  1. Artificial Intelligence : AI will continue to improve its self learning capabilities, to learn the learning process itself & be able to function as well as humans with little data or experience. Asian countries have placed AI first in their ranking, however Asia G1 [ China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan ] will dominate AI R&D & Asia G2 [ Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, India ] do not believe that they have capability to commercialize AI by 2030.

2. 6G Mobile Network : By 2030, our society will be data driven. This will be enabled by near-instant & unlimited wireless connectivity. The 6G network will offer high speed internet access through wireless and mobile devices upto atleast 11 GB/s , surpassing the 5G network. G1 and G2 countries have given 6G a high score in both impact and penetration rate..

3. Blockchain : Blockchain is still limited by its ability to scale. Quantum computing will enhance the scalability of blockchain deployment in industry. The main blockchain application markets includes finance, logistics, retailing & e-commerce sectors. It is more popular in G2 than G1.

4. Autonomous vehicles : Reaching autonomous driving levels 4-5 by 2030, the vehicle will combine 360-degree vision with a decision making intelligent algorithm that can make the best driving behaviour decision under various driving conditions. Robo-Taxis may be the main method of transportation.

5. Industrial Robots : In the future, the consumer demand will be customized and personalized. Industrial robots will integrate machine vision, improve their capabilities and be suitable for the more efficient manufacturing or products made in small quantities.

6. Service Robots : Service robots will have the ability to move around, make decision in complex situations and communicate with each other by 2030. G1 countries have been dominant in the development of various types of service robots.

7. New Energy Vehicles [NEV’s]: NEVs refer to those vehicles with newer type power systems, completely or mainly driven by new energy sources. NEVs are expected to play a key role in urban areas to provide mobility as a service by 2030. Japan and China are currently top 2 NEV markets. In fact 60% of hybrid vehicles are made by Japanese companies.

8.Renewable & biodegradable plastics material : By 2030, plastic materials will be made from 100% recycled or renewable products. G2 countries have given a higher score to idea of investing in renewable and biodegradable plastic materials than G1 because G2 countries have more biomass resources to fulfill the development of bioplastics.

9. Solid state batteries : Solid state batteries have attracted a great deal attention due to their high safety rating and increased energy density. These batteries may not have the opportunity to maximise the driving range of electric vehicles and improve the safety of mobile devices.. It is expected that SS batteries will have entered the stage of commercialization by 2030.

10. Nanomaterials : The development of nanotechnology has been gradually applied to various industries such as energy, medical & biotechnology. In the future, mass production and cost reduction are the main development challenges of nanomaterials. G1 countries have reached the mass production stage but G2 countries are at an early stage in this segment.

Hope the world make use of these technologies for the betterment of environment and living. Thank you for reading my blog, please do leave your valuable comments. Would love to hear ! Which technology do you think or bet for in the coming times 🙂

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