Blog 12 – The Fear of Failure

Inside our comfort zone exist all the results, that we already have & the results that we could achieve, if we chose to without taking a risk. There are , however other results that we say we want that exist outside our comfort zone. These are the results which we need to take a risk to achieve. The first thing to notice is that results never miraculously show up inside our comfort zone of their own accord – we need to make them happen, and we make them happen by taking a risk. Let’s say the goal you wish to achieve is to spend more time with your family during the week, however in order to achieve that, you need to take the risk of beginning to delegate. No one is going to give you that result, you need to make it happen. What we generally tell ourselves is “I cannot do it because it will not work & I do not want to fail.” By not taking risk, we are actually guaranteeing the failure ! When we don’t take a risk, we tend to stay in our comfort zone & that is the one place where the new result will never show up ! So, if you really did have a fear of failure, then you are that person who are ought to be taking risk. It’s not that if you fail, then you are a failure. If it were true, then Steve Jobs would be a failure because he got fired from Apple, Roger Federer would be a failure because he has lost in 10 Grand Slam Finals, Thomas Edison would be a failure because it took 1000 times before he invented Light Bulb.

The truth is that successful people fail way more often than unsuccessful people.

So, we are not really afraid of failure.. Instead, we at times are afraid of being judged as a failure by others. We are more interested in protecting our image than creating the results. Humans are always judged just as much for playing safe as much while taking risk. The only difference is that taking a risk carries with it the possibility of creating a new result in our life, whereas playing safe will keep us stuck with current results.

If you have ever taken part in ropes course or climbed a high ladder, you will have experienced the same phenomenon. While you are climbing up & focusing on the end goal, you are exhilarated, but when you stop climbing & look down to see how far you have come, the fear kicks in & you cling on for dear life. The longer you stay stuck, the bigger the fear gets. The only way around this is to keep moving 🙂

Wish you best in life always !

Published by ashwinpershad

An IT professional by chance, an aspiring Entrepreneur by choice . Currently based in Taiwan !

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