Blog 10 – 2020 : New Year Resolutions !

As we are at the glimpse of another fresh year beginning, it is quite important for us to reflect the past 12 months with gratitude & ofcourse consider improving self as we welcome 2020. First of all, I am really grateful to each one of you who have been with me for past 12 months & have helped me professionally & as well personally. As I try to reflect back , I feel blessed to have good health, continue to be surrounded with some excellent mentors, to work in a new region which gave me an opportunity to challenge myself. I also got married in 2018 Dec, so basically 2019 was my first year with my wife: Monal , would admit it have been a very good ride so far. I might have to agree that post marriage, the level of compromise one does is little more towards the lady.I have become more empathetic when I started realizing the small things which she had to let go : Personally , if I have to give my example, my wife is Interior designer by profession , whereas I am in IT . She was inclined to her profession for last 8 years but post wedding, she had to leave India and settle in Taiwan as that was the condition between us before we got married 🙂 Challenges continued here & due to language barriers, she had to drop the profession for a while, I am sure she will pick it up back at the right time though. But the choice was made by her conscious willingness towards the place & ofcourse the man. We were also giving it a genuine thought as to what little things we can work on to make 2020 more fruitful. Here are some resolutions which we are planning to pick.

Resolution #1 To give more time to each other: In this busy world, I realized the profession is taking away majority of the time, so need to work a bit more hard this year to check how can I balance both ends. So we might have to come up with a strict home calendar as well going forward , apart from the work. It is good to be occupied and be ambitious but at the same time, we should not forget that there can be lot more little things to cherish apart from work. Hence, my resolution number 1 would be to try and give bit more time considerably at home.

Resolution #2 To be more health conscious : Monal has been very strict at this end. I am yet to catch up. She is very conscious and maintains a good health , follow religiously selected diet and also works hard towards fitness. This is one thing, which I need to learn from her and take it up in 2020 .

Resolution #3 To travel : We made a conscious decision together to explore more places. 2019 was a good year for us. We did get to see Shanghai, Cambodia, Maldives & few cities inside Taiwan. I think travel definitely have lot of offer on the table in terms of culture and food. So we shall try to explore atleast few more places in 2020 . Again, I have learnt this from her as she was more into travelling, I was less inclined here but good to spend time together & we also get to see new places, meet different people & learn a lot on culture front.

Resolution #4 To read 5 books : I am not a good reader. Hence, I need to catch up on this. I am not taking very ambitious goal on this intentionally because I know, I need to work hard on this and hence, I am planning to start with a small goal of 5 books in 2020. Hopefully, this will be useful because everything is changing at such fast pace that : learning has to be a continuous process. Please do recommend the best 5 books that can help me.

Resolution #5 To write more : Recently I have realized, that I love expressing & writing. I had written 8 blogs so far, I started this hobby in 2019 where I try to share my genuine experience of Life , so in 2020 – I shall make it a point to write more.

Though there are many other things planned, but I would personally love to work on the above 5 resolutions on priority. On this note, I would like to wish each one of you a very Happy Christmas and Happy 2020 ! I hope the coming days will bring good health, prosperity, wealth and spread love & peace.

Would surely love to hear, your resolutions of 2020, do feel free to write back in the comments section. Let’s be in touch & thanks for reading the blog.

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An IT professional by chance, an aspiring Entrepreneur by choice . Currently based in Taiwan !

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