Blog 8 – #LovetobeTechM

As I walked into the campus of Tech M Hyderabad in 2011 – my first observation was the Infrastructure of the campus. Any person walking in the campus, would be in Love with the environment . It’s truly a delight to spend daily 10 hours in a campus which is Lively. In this blog, I will try to present my opinion of the organisation & why I personally was driven to work & be part of Tech M family close to 9 years as I write this blog. Well, everyone have their own reasons, but I will try my best to justify my reasons with my genuine experience in the organisation so far.

#Reason 1(LovetobeTechM)An opportunity to Fresher : My initial days in training when I was fresher 9 years back, had given my the first corporate experience, some really great friends & fantastic memories to cherish. Not every organisation is open to recruit freshers, hence personally I value this org. for giving me the break in the IT Industry, for investing on my training, for considering me as part of the family. I shall & will always be undoubtedly grateful. My Grand ma used to always say, do value every thing that comes first in your life , because they are putting down their trust without having an experience & judgement on you. Tech M was the first for me when it comes to IT Corporate Culture.

#Reason 2 (LovetobeTechM) The First Boss/Mentor : The immediate Boss after the training. I chose to pick the Operations Role as my first on the job .As Jack Ma, says : Do not focus on the org. to a lot extent but focus on the Boss in your initial days. It is important to have a good mentor, a good Boss, a good guide to show you direction & the path. I was lucky enough to work with a very experienced Boss, very down-to-earth man, who not only made a point to guide me but also encouraged me a lot. Hence, I will be always grateful for having Mr. Ramaprasad BS (Op’s Integrator) as my first mentor/guide in the org & Mr. A.S Murthy who have really taught me how to be grounded always. I feel lucky to be mentored by them.

#Reason 3(LovetobeTechM) : The people , The culture & The Josh. Loved the fact that Tech M as an org. have an entity known as “Josh” which is a group of some real exciting volunteers who with their full passion just try to add value to org. from culture & fun stand point . Josh have taught me some wonderful leadership lessons. Josh has given me an opportunity to lead Globally for 2 years.

It was a very interesting chapter for me. It taught me how to lead a team, it taught me to be empathetic, it taught me to really think out of the box, it taught me to see life beyond 9-6, it gave me an opportunity to connect with leaders across the organisation. It was a big reason for networking. The best part : this was all voluntarily and not tagged with KRA, hence it came out directly from heart. It also gave us an opportunity to meet with legends like Dr. Palash Sen & the well know Badminton specialist Mr. Respected Pullela Gopichand.

#Reason 4(LovetobeTechM) : The programs like AIM – Achievers in the Making program that gives an opportunity to all youngsters like me to get into front ending & more challenging roles. Again I am very grateful towards this program because I realize the fact that how difficult it is for an associate who is part of 120 000 group to get into front ending & challenging opportunities. AIM have acted as a platform for me to shine & take next step in career. They are again betting on youngsters who do not have first hand experience in Sales, we just need to be humble here as we are getting the break.

#Reason 5(LovetobeTechM) : The leadership program like Shadow Board. I have been part of Shadow Board for last 2+ years now. This program allows you to be right up there in game changing initiatives in the org. I was privileged to be part of this program that allows you to work directly with CXO’s and be right there in some important initiatives. We all from different countries, unfortunately realized we do not have a picture together.

#Reason 6(LovetobeTechM) : The prestigious program like #1000Leaders which gives an opportunity to reskill & also connect with various leaders in the org. This gave us a platform to connect with multiple young & experienced leaders apart from regular business units. This forum gave me the first chance to connect with our CEO as well.

The journey so far with Tech M have been exciting & I look forward for some interesting days ahead. To conclude, we all aspire for great & we definitely should but at the same time, it is important to appreciate & be grateful towards the organisation & the people who have been with us in our Life journey.

Would also love to hear your experience with your respective organisation. Would love to learn from each other. Feel free to write & keep sharing the experience.

Wish you all the best in Life always, When we see a bunch enjoying together, it all boils down & appears worth it. Keep it high !

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An IT professional by chance, an aspiring Entrepreneur by choice . Currently based in Taiwan !

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  1. Congratulations on your passionate journey with TechM. Agree on every bit of such experiences as an integral part of TechM. Wishing you many more successes on your way! We’ll written

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