Blog 7 – Compromise vs Career

And you are selected – This was supposedly to bring happiness in each one of us . It is always good to get what we desire. During my initial education in school , I have been very active in Debates / Elocution & Sports. I have been playing Ping Pong (Table Tennis) very actively. I still remember, I started playing this game from Std 4th. I was lucky to be admitted by my parents in a very good school in Hyd that encourages overall Personality Development. I chose to pick Ping Pong. This game not only helped me spend my time positively, but also helped me improve my concentration a lot ( for the one’s who do not know – Ping-Pong is supposedly known to be the fastest game ). This game made me more disciplined as well. It helped me make more friends & connect with many others in school. I continued the game till 12th Std. (Intermediate). It was a good balance of life by then though studies slowly took the upper hand but by someway or the other I used to keep in touch with the game. In 2004, I joined Engineering, it was the trend ofcourse then šŸ™‚ so I am an Engineer by chance. Completed by B-Tech in ECE but then I picked up another hobby -Paper Presentation : Realized this helped me a lot in improving my speaking/communication skills. This had given me more confidence as a speaker . It taught me basics of Sales – As I always used to try selling my idea to judges. Did fairly well with studies & extra -activities. Moved forward in Life, now by Choice picked MBA as my next shot. Thank God, I was still playing Ping -Pong and even managed to be in College Team. Realized that fairly well in my complete Education, I was still attached to something apart from just studies.

Then came the sentence -“And you are selected” : I had to leave India, moved to Africa , for a year- my entry in Corporate Life: I was working in Airlines Industry for a time period of a year as BDM. Ping- Pong went for a toss . I was pumped up & excited to be at the job now. I chose to move back after a year to India & then joined MNC in India – been part of this org. for close to 9 years now (On & Off for Sports but still intact ). Thank you for very good Infrastructure. As I started moving forward in the career, I had to again leave India & now I picked Taiwan as my next destination. Have spent around 3 years now in Taiwan. Here are few questions, I ask myself even today.

1) Is Career more important or staying with the Family ? 2) Is celebrating festivals at home makes more sense or exploring new places? 3) Is money more important or being with parents as they age with time ? 4) Is attending friends wedding more important or your own dreams ? 5) Is having dinner together with family more important or having Skype calls ? 6) Is one extra bedroom all worth it ?

I know the answer to the most would be to lead a balanced life . I am still figuring out the answers for self. Would love to hear your thoughts on the above questions. If you were me, what would you chose – Compromise or Career ? By the way, the good news is that I am back in form & back to sports -Ping -Pong in Taiwan is back in action ! I spend every Saturday 2 hours now with this game šŸ™‚

Do share your views & I wish you all the best in Life. Thank you for dropping in & reading the blog. Appreciate a lot.

Published by ashwinpershad

An IT professional by chance, an aspiring Entrepreneur by choice . Currently based in Taiwan !

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