Blog 6 – The Magical E^3

Empowerment, Empathy & Encouragement !

In any corporate world, one thing which is common is we all need to interact with multiple people from multiple levels. Few can be our level, few can be junior to us & few can very senior & more experienced than us. Interestingly, in my 10 years of experience in corporate world, I was blessed to work with very matured & amazing leaders & friends. We, all exchange our conversations quite often as friends, co-workers & colleagues.

Few observations :

: a) few of them had faced difficulty to say NO to some work to their respective managers b) few of them had been very open with their respective managers c) few even had difficulty to ask leave d) few were restricted to speak of the voluntarily work which they are doing apart from their regular business.

These questions / behaviour provoked a very important question in my mind – “Why is it that rules of org. being same to all, there is a gap or If I may say so, change in behaviour of conversation / restricted conversation for few, open conversation for others ? I started interviewing multiple people on this topic ( both who were restricted in their conversations & also who were open in their conversations ). I came to a conclusion the power of 3E post the interviews which is also the title of my topic today.

Empowerment : Many millennial agreed on the part that, in assignments / project work where they were given complete authority & empowerment , the results for such projects were far better than the projects which were dependent on multiple approvals. In couple of the projects, they did mistakes but they learnt their hard way. More importantly, because the full empowerment was given to them, the speed made all the difference in the execution of the projects. Hence, 80% of them agreed with the fact that Empowerment will not only help them in faster execution but it also imbibes a sense of responsibility / ownership in them.

Empathy : In the interview process, I also realized that the one’s who were restricted are because of the manager/ leader not being very empathetic or easy to approach. They were always worried about the consequences, what if I ask the leave ? what if I say No to this project ? what if I go early this week ? etc.etc. Bringing to a conclusion that if you are not friendly with your team, it will be difficult to understand the team. Very important to be very empathetic in nature.

Encouragement : This part can be more related with the one’s who are in Sales. We all cherish & celebrate when we win any deal. The real judgement is how we behave when we lose a critical deal. It happened to me recently , while I lost a deal, but my boss was quite supportive & have always been encouraging . If the mentor or a leader who is guiding you do not motivate you or do not encourage you, it can be a tricky phase for you as at time, self -motivation also needs a true guidance & direction. I am still in the phase of learning, but I feel encouragement can keep all motivated all the time !

As we all climb the ladder of success, let us all ensure we help others as well climb the ladder along with us ! Especially the one’s who look forward for your support & mentorship !

Wishing all the very best in your endeavors ! Feel free to comment your views. Do you agree with my 3E philosophy ? Would be happy to read your views on this.

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An IT professional by chance, an aspiring Entrepreneur by choice . Currently based in Taiwan !

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