Blog 5 – Digital Transformation ReMIND : Reverse Mentoring in New Digital Age

Technology & time both are changing at a rapid pace. A technological change is an increase in the efficiency of a product or process that results in an increase in output, without an increase in input . In simpler words, someone invents or improves a product or process, which is then used to get a bigger reward for the same amount of work. The telephone is an example of a product that has undergone a technological change. It has undergone many different changes over the years that have made it more efficient. Processes or products, such as the telephone, move through technological change in three stages: Invention, Innovation & Diffusion. What if we are not ready for such changes, advancements ? The answer is very obvious, like many others it will take no time to get disrupted in this era. I have been working with one of the large MNC’s / corporates (Tech Mahindra) for close to 9 years now. As our organisation is the one with Purpose, encourages & gives an opportunity to implement the fresh ideas to all 120K associates part of the group.

In one of my interactions with CEO of the org. we were discussing as to how millennial can make an impact & help the top leadership stay relevant as in an org. like Tech Mahindra, we have almost 45% young crowd. Can this segment really make a powerful impact ? Answer is YES & that is how ReMIND was born. The idea was to propose the new mentorship model where rather than following the traditional approach of experienced one’s teaching the fresh minds, in this we lay a platform where all youngsters gets a fair opportunity to interact with the leadership & mentor them. The idea/model was accepted by the CEO, but the real challenge was to implement it in such a diverse firm so that all 120K associates could get the advantage of the same. Personally, it was like a Start up within an organisation for me. Taken this as a challenge & started with a small POC with Manufacturing Vertical , selecting 20 youngsters & 10 experienced leaders. Had connected mentor with mentee, wanted to check how open would be an experienced leader of say 15 years Industry experience be to learn from 3-4 Years in the Industry. To my experience, this was taken up very positively & leaders were quite happy with the sessions they were receiving from youngsters & at the same time, the millennial were excited as they were getting a fair opportunity to connect with multiple leaders across the org. Learning, most of the times has been unidirectional from a seasoned professional to an inexperienced learner. In this conventional model, there is dependency and expectation on certain older generations such as Baby boomers and X to be the mentors and the newer generations to be the learners. However, we are aware that the new generations bring certain talent and awareness for latest technologies and trends. Collaboration and learning among talent (irrespective of generation) are directly proportional to business. Any deviation of any of them can have a financial impact. Hence, we designed and executed a model through Reverse Mentoring, where the younger generations became the mentors and the open-minded, passionate Baby Boomers and X gen the mentees. This soon became a movement and brought together many new learners and new mentors in the most unexpected places. We also saw many fringe benefits in enhanced relationships, new networks, and unearthing of new young leaders. Reverse Mentoring came as a conduit to break the ice between multiple generations. Unlike the conventional ways to collaborate, Reverse Mentoring uses digitization to unify Tech Mighties and helps to understand young generation’s thinking and also making them the brand ambassadors for future. In a span of less that 12 months, there were 1200 + mentors on boarded & 500 senior leaders registered with 100+ topics being subscribed – A transformation that one has never dreamt of. ReMIND is a movement that is unshackling the silos between the generations in the organisation. The roadmap of Reverse mentoring is to enable all mid to executive level leadership are always learning & stay updated with the latest technologies & trends which inturn leads to help org. as a whole being relevant in the coming times. It has huge impact financially ( reduces the learning & training cost for the firm ) & over the brand as well ( helps in culture of collaboration, upbrining of new brand ambassadors, grooming of youngsters to leaders, diversity & transformation towards learning!

In this span of 2 years from starting the program from scratch to implementing it, I have realized the power of collaboration, the power of empowerment & the most important – The Will to never give up ! Whether we work for any organisation or our own, it is important for us to be the owner & taking the ownership ! I sincerely hope & wish this program will help many youngsters & as well the leaders.

Keep the child in you alive, Keep learning always ! (If you are part of Tech Mahindra, you can register via Would love to hear your thoughts on the power of Millennial – Feel free to comment !

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An IT professional by chance, an aspiring Entrepreneur by choice . Currently based in Taiwan !

2 thoughts on “Blog 5 – Digital Transformation ReMIND : Reverse Mentoring in New Digital Age

  1. Millennial thought well planned and executed within TechM.

    Ashwin Ji is a shadow board member as well and steering TechM with employee engagement towards TechM visions.

    Glad to be associated with innovative program ReMIND. Thanks Ashwin Ji💐

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