Blog 4- Your Next Holiday Destination !

Many of us might not be aware of this place known as Taiwan, even I was clueless till the time, I was told by my organisation that for next couple of years,this is going to be my workplace, my home. It was then that I started exploring more , for Indians especially the place could be a total opposite in culture, cuisine, lifestyle. In this blog of mine, I will try to present my learning & the experience I carry for this place (as I write this blog, I am touching close to 3 years here ).We officially still call it “Republic of China” as they are still part of China, but trying to get Independence. I live in the capital city – Taipei well known for Taipei 101 – World Trade Centre of Taiwan. . Located in the northern part of the country, it’s comprised of twelve districts with a total population of around 2.7 million. It’s the cultural, financial, and political center of the island so any first-time visit to Taiwan should begin here.

While I was relocated to this place, it was a complete new adventure for me, as the main obstacle was the language – the official language being Mandarin. Few interesting points that I really want to highlight about this place, I shall try to mention below in short & crisp notes (though there is lot to be told about this place ) but my intent to write this blog is to help the first time travellers to Taiwan as a short guide.

The Time : Generally speaking, Taiwan enjoys mild weather year-round with an average temperature of about 23°C (73°F). The rainy months are from May to September, with June to August being the height of typhoon season. Avoid those months at all costs 🙂 if possible.  Ideally, shoot for late October to March if you can. The weather is cool and dry and air pollution is at a minimum.

The Travel (Internal) : Taipei has two international airports — Taoyuan and Songshan — but the vast majority of international flights are served by Taoyuan. You can get to the city from Taoyuan Airport by MRT, bus, taxi, or private transfer. Internally in Taipei : you have an extremely sorted transportation . MRT (Metro Rail Travel) , Bus are extremely well planned. We also have Uber available for fast transportation & local Taxi’s are very easily available.

The People : Whenever we visit any new country, new place – the very important aspect which we wish to always consider is ” How are the People”? You will be delighted to note that the people of Taiwan are extremely friendly, very welcoming & they go beyond their limits to help the new comers / tourist. They are very easily approachable & they do not mind speaking to you in little english which they can speak , though you can’t expect everyone to speak English but atleast the one’s in Corporate at fairly large designations understand & speaks English. Very warm in attitude, very caring & absolute great to have company !

The Infrastructure : Very well maintained Infra indeed. It’s not only well established but the people here maintain it very nicely – An absolute clean city – No DustBin concept : everyone needs to take care of their own garbage & once / twice a week you can use the municipality garbage trucks to dump the same .Highly established – earth quake prone Infra upto 8 magnitude Architecture is absolute Top class..

The Food / Cuisine : Taipei, has about 20 streets dedicated to food . Some of the famous one’s are Tofu, Bubble Tea, Sweet Potato, Pepper cakes, Dumplings, Fish Ball soup, The Hot Pot ( I am ofcourse mentioning the one’s which are not regularly available in India )If you happen to be in Taiwan, you must try the Bubble Tea, Tofu & Dumplings ! We also have the regular dish like Chicken, Fish, Pork etc. You also get to have Indian food here as we have good Indian restaurants also available.

The Places to explore: We have multiple must see places in Taiwan ( mix of beaches, adventure & architecture ) : some of the well known one’s are Taipei 101 ( known to be the tallest building in Taiwan ), Taroko National Park, Taipei Zoo, Sun Moon Lake, Jioufen, National Museum, National Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, Yangminshan National Park, Kenting National Park, Fulong Beach, Lungshan Temple, Shi-Men Ting, (Night Market), Shillin Night Market, Feng Chia Night Market, Tamsui Fisherman Wharf & many other..

The Best Practices

  • Respect people from every nationality
  • Keep the roads extremely clean
  • Be welcoming, friendly in nature
  • Help & support travellers
  • Never cheat the first timers !

I hope to see you in Taiwan soon ( your next holiday destination ). This was a very short blog to Introduce you this beautiful place – if you love to know more, you can always get in touch with me ! Happy to guide & help !

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An IT professional by chance, an aspiring Entrepreneur by choice . Currently based in Taiwan !

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