Blog 3 -The Uncommon Man

Education is said to be the basic requirement for any field & to get the best in the education, unfortunately in the same field, the approach have always been complex & at the same time a costly affair. Still majority of the middle class family delivers good education system for their children. I come from the same set of class, a middle-class , for us getting into an International Schooling, was just not the trend then, an average good school with right teachers was always okay. Luckily, I got admitted in a very good school by my parents & it didn’t ended there – for an average student like me, I was absolutely in need for Tuition ( extra help )but my parents made it look affordable, though it was never easy for them. I think the Love was speaking there, I still remember going to extra class after the schooling & my father helping me with the transport. At that time we used to have a 2 wheeler at our place. Many -a-time, the timing was such that I used to get late in the evening while studying, & the Uncommon Man used to wait for me downstairs for me to complete the class. Multiple times, especially in rainy season , it used to rain heavily & he used to wait for me politely downstairs, May be the thrill of me getting right education made him feel good & reduce the pain of shower on him. If I imagine the role reversal today, I think it would not be easy for me to do the same, if I would ever do it: I would have told multiple times to change the timing, or to find an alternative & at time may even go to an extent to lose the temper, which brings me to the point of how ,we have become impatient & impolite. The reasons could be many, but the same was for the Uncommon Man. The reaction was absolutely different by him. I remember he used to bring the sweets every weekend so that my brother & self at home are happy, he used to join us for every celebrations like Diwali & Sankrantri, he used to be absolutely easy with our report card (marks), he have always encouraged us to explore things, he was always there to guide us, though he was absolutely loaded with work, stress & loans , . This brings me to a point as to how important it is to balance things both at work & at home. I feel, we as children are lucky to have an Uncommon Man who taught us to live with Integrity, respect every person we met, enjoy Life as it comes & not to ever give up ! They say there is always a gap between Father & a Son , but I believe, we were absolutely lucky that our Father was more of a Friend – I call him the Uncommon Man because I have never met a person who value family more than anything, who gave up everything just to make us happy – who stayed in the rains to get us to educated, who took Loans to get us settled – Who missed celebrations, but ensured we had sweets at home – Who was never involved in politics but always believed in Bonding, who was never after Money but always gave importance to family, happiness & Health, who was content living in a rented apartment & a well furnished Home equally, who respected his parents, his inlaws, his friends, his family more than anything else, who sacrificed his everything to establish his children, who never showed the troubles on face but always welcomed with smile – The one & only – The Uncommon Man of our Family – Our Loving Dad – 33 Years of your service will be indebted forever – With Lots of Love ! Always be the way you are , Our Hero !

Thank you is not enough for what you have given to our Family !

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An IT professional by chance, an aspiring Entrepreneur by choice . Currently based in Taiwan !

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