Blog 1 -The Grandma!

As I try to pen down my first blog, I have been brainstorming as to which topic is the closest to my heart on which I can actually do justice, after few days of realization, it stuck to me that the direction of thought was wrong, rather than the topic closest to me, I should actually talk about the person who changed my Life. That leads to the title of my first blog – The Grandma ! It would be real unfair if I do not begin my story through her, as whatever I am today, I strongly believe it only because of that one lady who gave value to people more than anything in life selflessly. I still remember the days, when my mother used to take me to her place, drop me there and I used to spend my full day with my grandparents. I believe, lucky are the one’s who have got an opportunity to spend a part of the life with their grandparents. I was very lucky – I got a chance to spend my 30 years with them. One thing which I really cherished in these 30 years, is the selfless love : the affection without expectation, all good stories while feeding food ! If I know anything today about the history, It is only because of one lady – The Grandma ! The lady that never , ever, in my last 30 years missed wishing on my birthday & with a small polite question ” Do I get to see you today” : Whenever I used to meet her, one thing was sure- The lively smile on her face πŸ™‚ She never used to skip asking me what would I love to eat today ! She taught me some valuable lessons of life which I will cherish for the rest of my Life. I will try to mentioned few of them below : this is my small learning from her – I hope you will love reading it….Need not necessarily agree as it is just our way of living life..can be different for all out there !

Value People / Time : She always used to say ” waqt ki kadar karna seeko” try to value the time or else time will not value you. It is important for us to note that time stops for none. I was always a closed person in my initial days , I used to avoid gatherings / events : she taught me why it is important to attend gathering, how important is it to meet people on timely basis. As they say, nothing is beautiful on this earth than a good relation. It needs to be maintained at all levels (personal & professional ). Hence, then I started attending social gatherings which helped me in my professional Life as well, today I am into Sales – if I recollect back – I think this was the most important lesson she taught me in a simple , yet powerful way ! Today, in every meeting – I reach 10 min earlier as she always taught me time should be respected.

Bad should not stop Good : She used to always say : this is life, you have to deal with it – Good & Bad both are obviously part of this journey. One bad shouldn’t actually stop the Good. She was absolute clear with the fact that everything has its own time, it will come to you as per your time zone – so please respect when it knocks your door. Her teachings was of so much importance to our closed family, that we actually implemented each of her teaching in our all phases of Life. It was my marriage on Dec 12th, 2018. Unfortunately, as God willing : we all had to let her go to her next amazing journey of Life on Dec 11th. We all were shattered as two events are at the same time in front of all of us. At one end, we have my marriage scheduled & at the other end, we have to let go our strength : but we remembered her teachings, Bad should not stop the Good, even her demise didn’t let us stop the marriage. That was her strength, that’s how important her teachings were for all of us. It was very tough for all of us especially my mother, but they did stand with good and I am sure her blessings are helping us all through. That is why, I strongly believe – Lucky are the one’s who have their grandparents : need to be respected at all levels ! We lost ours on Dec 11th – but blessing / teachings still are strong rooted in each one of us.

Pray timely / Respect Parents the most :She was very knowledgeable in all spiritual / religious chapters : She always used to help us follow every festival with cent percent traditions & culture. Without her, we all are and will always be incomplete. She always used to tell all the children at home to give time to parents, they are getting old, if you do not give time today to them, your children will not to you. Hence, her teachings made us & helped us to respect parents the most. I think, we are actually attached more to family because of her. She have been the pillar always.

Be Humble/ Be there at the Bad, if not at the good : She always used to tell us, we all understand life is busy & it demands a lot from each one of you. But no matter what, if someone is going through a tough time, it is your duty to be with that friend, person, family member, stranger – If you can’t be there for good, it is still fine, but you shouldn’t miss to be at their tough time. The meaning of ” A friend in need, is a friend indeed” was taught in a simple , yet powerful way.

Never Interfere : Live & Let Live : She always used to tell us , try not to interfere in others, it is always good to live a peaceful life than a political life. Respect your opinion, carry self-esteem & live life with Integrity. That’s all matters !

Committ, Contribute & Carry Empathy : She always used to say, commit your targets to yourself , stand on them, contribute to society as much as possible from your end & carry empathy for all – we do not know who is going through which struggles in Life.

By the way , we used to love having Dhokla & Samosa in the evening together at our home – I still remember in her last days , : how every thing seem perfect, happy till the time she just decided not to get up on Dec 11th 😦 after her sleep on Dec 10th. It is a shattering moment – we do not really know whose cycle of life ends when – On Dec 10 everything seem perfect, & Dec 11 everything incomplete ! Value people, Value relationship, Value time – Life is SHORT !

I used to call her Amma ! Presenting the best one below : the one that I will cherish for LifeLong & ever after !

Duniya na kisi ke liye ruki thi, na rukegi , sabse bada dharm samaj seva hota hain

Amma : You are always with us & shall be !

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An IT professional by chance, an aspiring Entrepreneur by choice . Currently based in Taiwan !

37 thoughts on “Blog 1 -The Grandma!

  1. Wow what a great values!! We miss you Amma you are always in our heart, a beautiful soul.. Thank you for sharing with us. Stay blessed

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  2. What a lovely tribute and a write up.Pray timely and carry empathy,we need more of it in a polarised World!Thanks for sharing this with us

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  3. Very touching & well narrated. Grandparents are really affectionate & this is written beautifully showing the same. Keep writing!

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  4. This was beautiful! The values which our elders inculcate us helps shaping us into better human beings..
    And more power to you Ashwin.

    Keep writing the good stuff!

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  5. Indeed great values Ashwin and nice you started with the thoughts about one of the best person who moulded you the way you are !! Keep up the great work and best wishes !

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  6. So beautifully written Ashwin. We miss her too and her smiling face. Wish you all the best in your future endeavours and I am sure you are going to write your blogs in the same beautiful manner.

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  7. Ashwin good to see your blog..
    We weren’t aware that you lost her on Dec 11 2018..
    And you never told….
    Nice to see a lot of learnings for all of us..

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